Lebanese Army Just Fired At Israeli Drone

Lebanese Army Just Fired At Israeli Drone
Lebanese Army

The Lebanese Army fired at an Israeli drone on Monday night that had violated the Lebanese airspace.

The drone had entered the Lebanese airspace in Mays El-Jabal, South Lebanon, and hovered at high altitude over a Lebanese military post in the village for a short period, according to the National News Agency.

Lebanese soldiers then opened fire at the drone, but its fate is unclear. Israeli forces reportedly fired flares near Mays El-Jabal and also near the southern village of Blida.

This incident followed several recorded violations of Lebanese sovereignty by the Israeli military over the past couple of days.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Lebanese Army said that between 4:27 and 5:40 of the same day, “3 marine violations by Israeli gunboats were registered in the Lebanese territorial waters off Raas Al-Naqoura.”

At 15:45 the day prior, an Israeli gunboat traveled nearly 389 meters in the Lebanese waters from the same direction for around 15 minutes, the Army said.

Also on Sunday, at 20:30, the Army recorded a similar incident in the same region, during which an Israeli gunboat traveled around 296 meters into Lebanon‘s territorial waters, for around 5 minutes, and fired flares.

“The violations issue will be followed up in coordination with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL),” the Lebanese Army said.

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