Lebanese Army Just Found Weapons And Drones In Syrian Refugee Camp

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Arrests are a frequent occurrence within the displaced Syrian camps, with an average of 10 individuals apprehended daily for criminal activities.

Additionally, more than 200 Syrians are detained daily for illegally crossing into Lebanese territory. These operations by the Lebanese army have revealed not only an increase in arrest numbers but also the concerning quality of confiscated items.

In a recent operation within a displaced camp in the Qab Elias area, authorities discovered various items, including drones for photography, electronic devices, computers, and memory sticks.

These seized materials were sent to the Intelligence Directorate’s technical office, which confirmed that their presence was not solely for selling or photographing purposes.

Some videos contained clips of army raids and military convoys, intended for foreign media outlets to highlight the alleged persecution of the displaced.

However, investigations have yet to establish security suspicions behind these filming activities. Preliminary inquiries also revealed that some detainees were in the process of forming groups to ensure the self-security of the camps.

Furthermore, a group apprehended by the army’s 3rd Infantry Brigade in West Bekaa admitted to using one of the camps as their headquarters for organized robbery and kidnapping operations.

Noting that a military patrol came under attack in Taybeh Camp, situated in Baalbek, just a few days ago. The assailants used firearms in their offensive. Prompted by the attack, the army initiated a search within the camp to locate individuals wanted for questioning. This search operation yielded a significant find: a substantial arsenal that included machine guns, pistols, and a plethora of ammunition.

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