Lebanese Army: Israel Fired 200+ Shells & Missiles Into Lebanon

Lebanese Army_ Israel Fired 200+ Shells And Missiles Into Lebanon Tuesday

Exactly what happened last night at Lebanon’s southern border remained relatively ambiguous. Today, the Lebanese Army explained the details of what Israel did other than illuminating the night sky.

In a statement, the Army said that after midnight Tuesday, Israeli military helicopters attacked several centers that belong to the NGO Green Without Borders.

The helicopters fired 3 rockets from outside of the southern village of Ramia, 8 from the outside of Ayta Ash-Shaab, in addition to another 2 missiles from a military outpost located outside the latter village.

Furthermore, a building for the same NGO was targeted in the Aitaroun nature reserve, causing a fire in the reserve.

“This was preceded by attacks by the Israeli enemy on the same night by firing 117 illuminating shells and about 100 shells, some of which were explosive and the others were [white] phosphorus,” the Lebanese Army’s statement read.

The projectiles landed in the outskirts of Mays Al-Jabal, Houla, Maroun Al-Ras, and Aitaroun, “which caused fires in the forests, material damage to a house and a goat barn belonging to a citizen, and the death of a number of goats.”

It’s worth mentioning that for a long time, Israel has been aggressive toward Green Without Borders, an environmental NGO. It maintains that the NGO operates under Hezbollah for camouflage and espionage operations against Israel.

Many Lebanese citizens were startled when the Israeli military opened fire into Lebanese territory late on Tuesday after it suspected an infiltration operation from Lebanon.

On Wednesday, Israel said that its military’s activity was in response to shots fired from outposts in Lebanon operated by Hezbollah. Hezbollah, on the other hand, made no comment about the incident, as of the time of writing.

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