Lebanese Army Launches A New Military Operation Against ISIS!

For the last few weeks, the Lebanese Army had been fighting against Al Nusra Front in the northern part of Arsal. They were preventing these armed forces to enter Lebanon. Since the start of the Syrian conflict, the northern part of Lebanon has been a vulnerable area since it is close to the Syrian borders. Currently, the Lebanese army is focusing on pushing Al Nusra and ISIS out of Lebanon and securing the Lebanese land. For that reason, the army launched a new operation called “Fajr Al Jurud” which aims at gaining complete control in this area once and for all. In fact, the operation is taking place near Ras Baalbeck. The Lebanese Army Chief General Joseph Aoun announced the launching of the operation early this morning:


Translation: “Army Chief: In the name of Lebanon, in the name of the kidnapped soldiers, in the name of the martyrs’ blood, and in the name of the great Lebanese Army… I announce the launching of the ‘Fajr Al Jurud’ operation.” In fact, the Lebanese Army shared on its social media platforms a map that shows how the army is moving to gain control over Daesh’s gathering centers. Also, President Michel Aoun has been monitoring the operation from the Ministry of Defense. He told the commanders that he is looking forward to a victory. The Lebanese Army is always working hard to keep us safe. Its

achievements have always made us proud

. Let’s pray for their safe return!

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