The 10 Times The Lebanese Army Made Us Proud!

In observance of the Army Day in Lebanon, we first want to thank the Lebanese Army for defending Lebanon and the Lebanese people. Lebanon has been through a lot lately, and our soldiers have proved that we can rely on them no matter what happens. Second, we would like to remind people of all the accomplishments that the Lebanese Army did.

The 10 times when the Lebanese Army made us proud!

#1 The Lebanese Army destroyed Fatah al-Islam in the Nahr el-Bared Conflict in 2007

The Nahr El Bared Conflict in 2007 has been the most severe conflict since the Lebanese civil war. Thanks to the resilience of the Lebanese soldiers, Lebanon was able to win this war.

#2 The Lebanese Army killed an ISIS ‘prince’ and arrested other 10 terrorists

The Lebanese Army killed a Daesh (ISIS) emir (or prince)

who had taken part in the 2014 clashes with the Lebanese Army in Arsal. The army also arrested another 10 terrorists during a stealth operation in Arsal.

#3 The Lebanese Army stopped a suicide bombing in Hamra

This year in January,

Lebanon’s security agencies foiled a suicide bombing in Beirut’s Hamra street

. The suicide attacker was wearing an explosive belt and according to sources, the target was Costa coffee shop in Hamra. The attack was stopped in a joint operation between the Lebanese Army’s intelligence and the ISF’s information branch.

#4 The Lebanese Army stopped a Daesh terrorist attack in Downtown Beirut!

A Daesh-linked Lebanese citizen got arrested since he was suspected of plotting a

terrorist attack in Downtown Beirut

. The Solidere employee was recruited by Daesh to monitor surveillance cameras in Downtown Beirut. Also, a suspected Palestinian accomplice got arrested. He admitted that he recruits Lebanese youth to join the terrorist organization.

#5 The Lebanese Pablo Escobar got raided by the Lebanese Army!

The Lebanese Army raided three of the homes owned by the Lebanese drug lord, Ali Nasri Shamas

and confiscated the following:

  • An unregistered Honda vehicle
  • Two RPG launchers
  • 4.5 kilograms of cocaine
  • 14.5 kilograms of hashish
  • Tools used for manufacturing drugs.

#6 The Lebanese Army arrested the Daesh prince Imad Yasseen in Ain al-Hilweh camp

Last year, the Lebanese Army issued a statement that

they have captured the Daesh prince Imad Yasseen in Ain el-Helwi refugee camp

. Several arrest warrants were issued for Imad Yasseen and reports say he was in the process of executing several terrorist attacks. The targeted locations were:

  • Casino du Liban
  • Downtown Beirut
  • The Central Bank
  • Jiyeh and Zahrani power stations
  • “Monday Market” in southern city of Nabatieh
  • UNIFIL Forces stationed south of the Litani River
  • A KFC branch in the north of Beirut
  • Lebanese Army convoys

#7 Lebanese Soldiers make a dream come true for a kid with cancer!


 turned Mouhdi’s dream into reality by organizing him a visit to the Lebanese Ministry of National Defense. It was always Mouhdi’s dream to become an officer in the army.

Little Mouhdi was formally welcomed by Lebanese soldiers in the ministry

, just like any high ranking official.

#8 The Lebanese Army raided a Syrian refugee camp to arrest Daesh/ISIS terrorists

Five suicide bombers attacked

Lebanese soldiers as they raided two Syrian refugee camps in Arsal

, a border town near Syria. A Lebanese official said that raids came after tips about the presence of explosives and a plot to carry out attacks in Lebanon. In fact, the operation left 7 soldiers wounded and a young Syrian refugee girl dead when one of the suicide bombers blew himself up between a family. A total of 355 Syrians were arrested.

#9 Fighting ISIS: Containing them in Arsal and preventing them from taking over the country.

The Lebanese army is fighting against Al Nusra Front in the northern part of Arsal. They are preventing these armed forces to enter Lebanon.

#10 (Joke) Lebanese soldiers stop shawarma suicide bomber!

Kareem Marwan Salhab was on his way back home from MMA training when he craved some shawarma. He got himself some shawarma sandwiches and made his way home. Since it was raining, he put the bag inside his hoodie so the shawarma doesn’t get wet. As he was passing near a minister’s house, a brief standoff occurs between him the Lebanese army. They ordered him to stop and reached for their weapons while asking him what he was hiding under his jacket. They all started laughing when he unzipped his hoodie and they

saw the shawarma.

Let us thank the Lebanese Army not only on this day but also every day

for keeping us safe


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