Lebanese Army Is Donating Another 20,000 Liters Of Diesel To Tripoli


After the unrest in impoverished parts of Tripoli last week, the Lebanese Army decided to provide diesel for subscription electricity generators.

Areas in Tripoli have been experiencing long hours of power outages and, now that the price of fuel has increased, many families can no longer afford to pay for backup generators.

The inequality gap in Tripoli has further expanded due to the economic conditions and exchange rate of the lira, leaving residents of impoverished parts feeling more neglected than ever.

In light of this, the Lebanese Army is donating another supply of diesel to support Bab al-Tebbaneh, Jabal Mohsen, and El-Qoubbeh to ease the burden of the subscription generator fees.

On Friday, Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) Commander General Joseph Aoun visited Tripoli to show solidarity with its people. “Your pain is our pain,” he said and warned of serious repercussions to anyone who harms the city’s security.

It is to note that the Lebanese Army is also under financial duress yet is stepping up with attempts to ease it on the most deprived as the country is heading fast towards a “social explosion” as stated by the caretaker prime minister.

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