The Lebanese Army Strives To Preserve The Historic Citadel Of Tripoli

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In addition to its many heroic missions, the Lebanese army has the privilege of preserving Lebanon’s historical structures, using its strength and unique capabilities.

The army was recently tasked with cleaning the ancient walls of the Citadel of Raymond de Saint-Gilles, the historic Crusader fortress that was initially built in the year 1103, and one of Tripoli’s main landmarks.

The soldiers rappelled down the walls of the centuries-old structure in order to accomplish this important task and ensure that they are properly maintained and preserved.

In 1297, the fortress was burned down, only to be partially rebuilt a century later by a Mamluk emir.

The citadel remains one of the main tourist attractions in the northern capitals, standing in the heart of Tripoli surrounded by homes and the town’s old souk.

Today, it is used by the Lebanese military, however, one can still ask for permission to tour inside it and get a taste of history.