Lebanese Army Raids Several Houses Storing Military-Grade Firearms & Equipment

Lebanese Army Seizes Firearms & Ammunition During Raids In Northern Lebanon
Ratib Al Safadi/ Anadolu Agency | NNA

The Lebanese Army raided on Thursday several houses in northern Lebanon, seized ammunition and more than a dozen firearms, and arrested several individuals.

In a statement released on Friday, the Lebanese Army said it acted after a personal conflict took place between citizens in Jihad Street, Bab Al-Tabbaneh a day prior, involving gunfire, fueled by previous grievances.

A force then raided several houses in the region and arrested citizens “M.F.” and “A.M.,” seizing an AK-47 assault rifle and its accessories. The force also arrested two additional citizens, “A.I.” and “M.D.” for carrying pistols.

The Army force then conducted additional raids during which a variety of firearms was seized, including 13 AK-47 rifles, an M-16 rifle, an RPG-7 rocket launcher, and 10 pistols.

Several hand grenades and BTU rifle grenades, RPG-7 rockets, and various ammunition, not to mention some captagon pills and military fatigues and equipment, were also seized during the operations.

The Lebanese Army‘s statement said the detainees and the seized items have been handed over to the competent authorities and that investigations have been launched to question the detainees.

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Lebanese Army Raids Several Houses Storing Military-Grade Firearms & Equipment

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