Lebanese Army Is Redeploying Soldiers To Reduce Costs

Lebanese Army Is Redeploying Soldiers Reduce Costs

The Lebanese Army has started redeploying its soldiers with the aim of reducing associated costs, the army announced in a tweet on Thursday.

“Army units in all Lebanese regions are carrying out a redeployment process in order to reduce the economic burdens on the army and alleviating them for military personnel,” the army tweeted.

“The units also continue to set up observation points in all areas, work on patrols, and carry out security-keeping missions.”

The announcement came hours after soldiers deployed in several areas in Beirut, including at multiple important checkpoints in the southern suburbs, were seen leaving their positions.

Videos showed unusually empty military checkpoints at the entry points of the southern suburbs of the capital, in the Cocody area, outside the Bourj Al-Barajneh refugee camp, and at other locations.

The emptied checkpoints were reoccupied by soldiers later on the same day before the army explained what had happened.

The Lebanese Army Command has repeatedly pointed out that it has been struggling because of the economic meltdown that Lebanon is going through.

In its attempt to raise additional funds, the army has auctioned off some of its aircraft, requested international support, and introduced local touristic helicopter rides.

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