Lebanese Army Raises Lebanon’s Flag At The Top Of The Highest Hills In The Jurd Of Arsal!

Lebanon is officially under the complete control of the Lebanese army. In order to celebrate the


of the Lebanese Army in the military operation “Fajr Al Jurud”, Lebanese soldiers raised the Lebanese flag to celebrate this national victory. The flags were proudly planted at the top of the highest hills in the Jurd of Arsal, which are: Kara, Mortbaya, and Al Kabou. Special units came to the Jurd of Arsal to secure the area. In fact, the engineering team is removing bombs, mines, and suspicious objects that could cause harm to civilians. During this operation, the team found a dead body which is undergoing a DNA test. In fact, the lands that got freed in the North of Lebanon are used for agricultural purposes. Around half of the locals there rely on these lands as a source of living. So, ever since ISIS started to control the Jurd of Arsal, these people did not have access to their agricultural lands. Thanks to the effort of the Lebanese soldiers, the Lebanese people are safe from ISIS. God bless the Army!


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