Lebanese Army Will Have Support From United States Increased To $120 Million

Lebanese Army Will Have Support From United States Increased To $120 Million

The United States will increase its annual funding of the Lebanese Army to $120 million.

This represents a $15-million increase, as the Army had been receiving $105 million annually from the U.S.

The move was revealed during a meeting on Friday between Lebanese Armed Forces Commander Gen. Joseph Aoun and a number of U.S. officials and military officers, in addition to U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea.

The effects of the ongoing economic crisis in Lebanon on the Lebanese Army were a key discussion in the virtual meeting.

The U.S. decision to increase the value of the annual support it provides for Lebanon’s military aims to enhance the level of support for the military establishment, in light of the delicate economic conditions that Lebanon is going through.

The American officials in the meeting stressed their country’s commitment to continuing to support the Lebanese Army and reinforcing its capabilities to control smuggling operations and protect maritime trade.

On her part, Ambassador Shea announced that U.S. military leaders from the U.S. Army’s Central Command and Special Forces Command were set to visit Lebanon.

The goal of the upcoming visits is to determine the effectiveness of U.S. aid programs, prospects for cooperation between the two armies, in addition to ways to enhance and develop joint coordination between them.

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