Lebanese Army Thought He Was Hiding A Suicide Bomb – Turns Out To Be Shawarma

Kareem Marwan Salhab was on his way back home from MMA training when he craved some shawarma. He got himself some shawarma sandwiches and made his way home. Since it was raining, he put the bag inside his hoodie so the shawarma doesn’t get wet.

As he was passing near a minister’s house, a brief standoff occurred between him and the Lebanese army. They ordered him to stop and reached for their weapons while asking him what he was hiding under his jacket.

It was then that Kareem realized that the bag tucked in his jacket could easily be mistaken for a bomb belt, especially at night when it was dark.

He told them it was shawarma sandwiches but they didn’t believe him. The shouting got the attention of the other soldiers who began showing up. They ordered him to slowly open his jacket – while they slowly backed up away from him.

They all started laughing when he unzipped his hoodie and they saw the shawarma. Kareem’s moral of the story is quite simple:

Don’t hide shawarma inside your hoodie!

But his love for shawarma, something every Lebanese shares, is more important. He couldn’t let the sandwiches get wet and we totally understand!  

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