The U.N. Just Donated Vehicles & Equipment To The Lebanese Army

Lebanese Army Received Vehicles And Equipment From The U.N.
Reuters/Ali Hashisho

The Lebanese Army received on Wednesday a U.N. donation at the headquarter of UNIFIL in Naqoura, South Lebanon.

The donation, which includes vehicles, spare parts for them, in addition to electric generators and other technical gear, was handed over during a ceremony in Naqoura.

The Lebanese Army‘s Commander of the South Litani Sector, Brigadier General Maroun Al-Qubayati, attended the ceremony, representing Commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces General Joseph Aoun.

Major General Stefano Del Col, Head of Mission and Force Commander of UNIFIL, was also present at the event, alongside a number of military officers.

After reading out a letter of thanks from General Aoun, Brig. Gen. Al-Qubayati presented an honorary shield to Maj. Gen. Del Col, “in recognition of his efforts to support the army and contribute to maintaining security and stability in southern Lebanon,” the army said in a statement.

It is to note that, for unclear reasons, the Lebanese Army lacks an adequate budget that would enable it to acquire new weapons and equipment. It has to primarily rely on international donations in order to improve its arsenal and develop its military strength.

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The U.N. Just Donated Vehicles & Equipment To The Lebanese Army

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