Lebanese Army Veterans Refute Injustice Against Retired Military

Lebanese Army

The Veterans committee of the Lebanese Army expressed surprise at “the continuation of the policy” of avoiding granting social assistance to service employees and retirees “under the pretext of a proposal to transfer the assistance later to an increase in wages over salaries and pensions.”

The committee called for immediate justice and equality between the various functional wires and before any other measure by calculating social assistance on the total salary or pension, not on the basis of salary.

The committee stressed not canceling the income tax on the pensions of retired military personnel in accordance with decision No. 13/2019 of the Constitutional Council, which is a disregard for the application of laws and a violation of the principle of separation of powers.

Finally, the committee appealed to the Finance Committee and the pertinent references to immediately address the imbalance, especially the issue of social assistance.

“We will not stand idle towards the continuation of abuse and injustice against the retired military,” they warned, noting that they are “in the process of taking all appropriate steps to restore the right to its rightful place.”

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