Lebanese Army Warns It Will Not Allow Violence Against Protest

After stopping an attack from political factions aimed at protesters in Downtown Beirut, the Lebanese Army made its position very clear when it comes to the safety of the Lebanese people.

The Commander in Chief of the Lebanese Armed Forces, General Joseph Aoun, was very straight forward, stating that actions will be taken in case of any assault towards the people.

This firm statement by the Commander in Chief was prompted immediately after Monday’s troubles that a pack of thugs, belonging to a certain political party, caused in downtown Beirut.

Riding motorcycles and carrying their party’s flags, they tried to roll into the area of protest to incite sectarianism and topple the cause of the protesters.

According to reports from different areas of Beirut, the troublemakers roamed in Ghobeiry and Chiyah, carrying the flags of the political parties of Amal and Hezbollah, then headed from Bechara El Khoury towards downtown Beirut.

The Lebanese Army was quick to act, rushing to confront them as they reached Mono (Ashrafieh). They stopped at that point, arrested some, and pursued others who dispersed running away in the alleys. 

According to Beirut News, the Army’s Command issued a direct warning to these parties, including Hezbollah, that the army won’t stand aside if the protesters will be aggressed.

Hezbollah denied any relation with the attackers despite the announcement made by the army’s command was directed to that party in specific.

This firm statement has reassured the protesters in downtown Beirut that they can continue expressing their demands and stand their ground without worrying about such danger on their safety.

This came to also reassure the nation that feared the consequences that such an act could have brought the country to.

While it is certainly reassuring that the first priority of our army is to protect us, and they are doing so, it remains that personal caution should be endorsed as to avoid any such re-occurrence. 

The Lebanese army has proven their support for the people all through these days, since the start of the protests, as well as how deeply they care about the safety of our people, and how far they are willing to go to keep it.

In return, the protesters on the grounds have not missed expressing their own respect and love to the army people in their own ways and at various times during the protests, like giving the officers flowers, chanting for them, acknowledging them, and raising the Lebanese army’s flag.

This resurrection of our nation has brought everyone in Lebanon closer together regardless of their religions and political beliefs.

Today, more than ever, the bond between the army and the people has deepened further in their one love to their country and their mutual respect and acknowledgment. 

We thank the Lebanese army for always being with us, by us, and for us, and for always rushing to protect us against anyone who intends us and our nation harm. We salute you!

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