Lebanese Army Seizes Weapons In Cars Headed To Beirut Protests

Lebanese Army Seizes Weapons In Cars Headed To Beirut Protests

The Lebanese Army seized on Wednesday afternoon multiple weapons and ammunition from several individuals heading to participate in the protests taking place in Beirut.

The army said in a statement that the individuals were on their way to join the ongoing protests that mark the first anniversary of the Beirut Port Explosion.

Accompanying photos released by the army’s Directorate of Orientation show assault rifles, ammunition, and hand grenades.

Combat gear, including armor, gloves, a helmet, and other equipment can also be seen in the photos, including a vest with the Amal Movement logo on it.

In Zouk Mosbeh, the Lebanese Army detained an individual named Elie Haykal after finding a box of 9mm bullets, according to Al-Jadeed. Six gas masks were seized from other cars in the same location, as well.

Around that time, a fight broke out between soldiers and protesters in the same area.

Several marches and events are planned for Wednesday, in Lebanon and abroad, to mark the first year since the August 4 Beirut explosion and to call for justice for the victims of the deadly blast.


Editor’s note: The Lebanese Army initially posted an image showing a vest with an Amal Movement logo on it before retracting it. The original image has since been added to this article.

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