Lebanese Arrested For Attempted Terrorist Attack In Cyprus

Cyprus police-Gregoris Loannou

A Cypriot of Lebanese origin is accused of plotting a terrorist attack against an Israeli businessman living in Cyprus.

The Lebanese, whose name was not revealed by the Cypriot police, will stand trial on December 6th, alongside 5 other people, all accused of conspiracy of murder, participation in a criminal organization, terrorism, illegal possession of firearms, and circulating fake documents.

The case started with the arrest in a Nicosia checkpoint of a 38-year-old Azeri man carrying a Russian passport, along with a pistol and a silencer in his car.

The other suspects were later on arrested after the police made the connection through his phone communications.

Cyprus police said that there was evidence and testimony of a plot to commit crimes leading them to file criminal prosecution against the suspects.

The case took a diplomatic turn when Israel declared that it was an Iranian terror plot against its citizens living in Cyprus, an accusation rejected by Iran.

Local authorities believed that it is linked to the connection of the Israeli Businessman Teddy Sagi with the Russian mafia and unpaid debts.

The accused will stay in custody until the trial and it will be held in closed doors, for security reasons.

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Lebanese Arrested For Attempted Terrorist Attack In Cyprus

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