Lebanese artist is featured on the cover of a French magazine!

The Lebanese artist

Mike Massy is playing the role of Jesus

in the major French musical titled “Jésus, de Nazareth à Jérusalem” (Jesus, from Nazareth to Jerusalem.) The musical was produced by Pascal Obispo and Christophe Barratier. They chose Mike Massy to play the role of Jesus mainly because he is a talented singer and actor, and also because he has a Middle Eastern look. Pascal Obispo is the editor-in-chief of the new mook which is dedicated to Jesus. A mook is a portmanteau of the words “magazine” and “book.” Mooks are similar to magazines, but they remain on bookshelves for a longer time. Titled “Jésus!”, 60,000 copies of the 128-page-mook will be available in libraries and kiosks starting November 30 in France. Mike Massy is featured on the cover! The articles explore the role of Jesus in the lives of famous people such as the tennis champion Mary Pierce. The mook also features articles that provide facts about the role of Jesus in other religions and reminds us the origins of Christian holidays. The director of the musical Pierre Chausse noted during a press conference that “Jésus!” is not a religious magazine. The publication aims at showing the impact of Jesus these days. If it finds success, the mook can turn into a quarterly publication.

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