Meet The Lebanese Artist Eli Rezkallah Visually Representing The Vibrancy Of Women’s World

Eli Rezkallah 

Based in New York, Beirut-born Eli Rezkallah has become a name featured by prestigious international media and publications, such as Forbes, Paris Match, The Huffington Post, The Museum Channel, and Harper’s Bazaar, among others.

The main reason is his ingenious creativity in producing bold and unique visual arts, which are thought-provoking, to say the least.

A fine-art photographer, video director, and visual artist, Eli Rezkallah is the founder and creative director of Plastik Magazine and Plastik Studios.

Rezkallah first started his career in 2004 as a fashion show producer. He then had the opportunity to kick-start as a visual artist, launching his creative studio in 2007.

Eager to build on his unique vision, Rezkallah initiated and launched his now-acclaimed Plastik magazine in 2009, one of the region’s first visual publications.

It immediately established itself, from its very first issue, as a main platform for the youth to showcase their work.

The magazine was also a channel for Rezkallah to share his distinctive vision of the world he lives in.

In 2010, it was awarded the “Best Publication in the Middle East” in Dubai and was then given the “Premier Print Award” in New York by the printing industries of America Inc.

Beirut Art Fair – Eli Rezkallah

Currently available in more than 50 cities around the world, Plastik Magazine is publishing unconventional visual art. His work was also exhibited in many countries and cities, including Beirut, Bangkok, Palm Beach, Paris, and Singapore.

Rezkallah’s talent started from a very young age, growing up in Lebanon surrounded by women who were always “turning a blind eye towards their country’s tense social-political situation,” as he stated in his biography.

Thus, the Lebanese photographer was inspired to visually represent the “women in denial” and all the measures they come up with to vibrantly and colorfully escape their vicious reality.

Rezkallah’s work combines pure beauty with melancholia in a styled and surreal setting to reflect on the “unimaginative souls lost in a most imaginary world.”

Here is a peak at his creations:

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