Lebanese artist Katya Traboulsi turned bombs into art!

Saleh Barakat Gallery in Clemenceau is presenting an exhibition by Katya Traboulsi titled “Perpetual Identities.” The multimedia artist turned 47 bombs that razed Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War into pieces of art. Each bomb is garnished with beautiful patterns. https://www.facebook.com/salehbarakatgallery/photos/a.2030104160595734.1073741837.1714857132120440/2030112203928263/?type=3&theater   Katya aims to highlight the danger of fearing the other. Her exhibition explores whether people can live in peace. Instead of destroying cultural identities, Katya is celebrating them through art. Each bomb represents a country, except for Lebanon which is represented twice. https://www.facebook.com/salehbarakatgallery/photos/a.2030104160595734.1073741837.1714857132120440/2030107973928686/?type=3&theater   Some pieces of art depict indigenous cultures whose identities are under threat such as the ones in Canada and Australia. America’s collage is made of fragments of pop art. https://www.facebook.com/salehbarakatgallery/photos/a.2030104160595734.1073741837.1714857132120440/2030114200594730/?type=3&theater   Two sculptures represent Lebanon: one is made of cedar wood while the other is covered with a collage of the logos of the 18 Lebanese political parties in the wake of the civil war. The exhibition will be on display until April 28! For more information about the event, click