Lebanese Australian Man Just Paid Off Debt Of Everyone In His Village

A Lebanese businessman who lives in Australia shocked residents of his local village of Chmaliye in the South when he paid their debts.

He visited the village and personally approached every butcher, market, and pharmacy and started to pay off the entire village’s debts without their knowledge.

For many people in the village, it was “a humanitarian act that shows the attachment that the Lebanese have to their country, hometown, and family despite the hardships of immigration.”

After this philanthropic act, he simply went back to Australia. The man has not yet been identified by any of the news sources that reported this news. It is said that he left the country without allowing a chance for the residents to thank him.

The only thing that is certainly known about this man is that he lives in Australia and that he’s a businessman. Given the secrecy of his act, it is very likely that he would rather not be identified.

In this troubling economic crisis, random acts of kindness such as this are an enormous help to the struggling citizens of Lebanon.

With the withdrawal limits getting slimmer and the interest rates on deposits also decreasing, Lebanese citizens are starting to see their income dwindling.

However, those who are jobless, work part-time, or have recently been laid off are starting to see their chances of having a sustainable income get slimmer every day.

Throughout the revolution, expatriates have shown their support and solidarity with their fellow Lebanese, whether by holding solidarity protests in their respective cities or contributing financially to the many initiatives that are taking place in Lebanon’s revolution.

The expatriates have shown their willingness to support their country’s revolution and hoping for a future where fellow Lebanese don’t have to immigrate in order to live a decent life.

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