Lebanese-Australian Man Loses Australian Citizenship For Joining Daesh

For the first time ever, someone was stripped of their Australian citizenship under the anti-terror laws that passed in the Australian parliament in 2015. The spokeswoman for the Australian Immigration Minister declined to name the person. However,

The Australian, 

a local newspaper leaked the name.

It is Khaled Sharrouf.

Khaled was born in Australia to Lebanese parents who left Lebanon to live in Australia. He is currently in Syria fighting alongside Daesh. If he wants to leave, he will have to depend on his Lebanese citizenship. I assume he won’t return to Lebanon since his actions are quite high-profile and it would lead to his arrest by the Lebanese Army. Either way, on the behalf of the Lebanese people –

we disown him too

. Khaled has five children and he made worldwide headlines in 2014 after images surfaced of himself and his young son holding up the severed head of a Syrian government official. He travelled to Syria in late 2013 with his friend, Mohamed Elomar. Khaled’s wife, Tara Nettleton, also travelled to Syria with the children – but she has since died. The fate of the children is unknown and there are calls in Australia for the government to send it a rescue mission to save the young children. His eldest daughter Zaynab, now 15, was married off to Elomar who she had a child with. Elomar was later killed in a drone strike. There were many reports that he was killed over the past few years, however, he kept emerging in Syria alive. Many in Australia are calling for more dual nationals to be stripped of their Australian citizenship if they are found to be involved with terrorists. In 2015, Canada passed a similar law that allows the country to strip the Canadian citizenship from anyone that has dual citizenship and is found – by a court- to have ties to terrorist groups. Get more information on your opportunities during immigration – visit


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