Lebanese Authorities Are Cracking Down On Espionage Networks Across The Country

Arab News

The Lebanese Minister of Interior, Bassam Mawlawi, stressed that Lebanon is not a permissible arena for unknown intelligence services and that the Lebanese Information Division has been able to defeat agents, and the details of these investigations remain secret.

Mawlawi stressed, in an interview on Al-Hadath channel, that the Information Division is doing a great job in tracking espionage networks, pointing out that the legitimate Lebanese forces prove their ability to maintain security and that they have the confidence of the Lebanese people.

He pointed out that revealing more information about the arrested agents would harm the investigation, and said that the arrest of the agents is not limited to a particular sect or region without another.

He added: “The country must be spared the security shocks, and recruiting agents causes great harm to the Lebanese society,” revealing that “the enemy is spreading spy networks to gather information on sensitive areas and centers.”

He said that the military judiciary is independent and “we do not interfere with its work.”

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