Lebanese Bakeries Are Running Out Of Flour

El Nashra

Nasser Srour, the secretary of the Bakery Owners’ Syndicate, stated that Lebanon has run out of wheat and its flour reserves will not last for more than 20 days.

He went on to say, in his interview with Voice Of Lebanon, that the Ministry Of Economy And Trade did not respond to the issue and that it is responsible for the supply of bread. He also stated that there were obstacles from the Central Bank, which prevented any solutions to the crisis.

Simultaneously, the Gathering Of Bakeries In The South announced in a statement that their flour supply is starting to run out and that some of their bakeries have closed.

They stated that the rest of the bakeries will start closing starting next Friday, June 17th, unless the crisis is resolved.

The Gathering also pleaded with all officials to fix the flour supply issue, although the flour they will receive will not be subsidized, therefore increasing the prices of bread. They requested a quick solution or else they, along with their families, will be left without a source of income.


Meanwhile, the Lebanese Minister Of Economy Amin Salam stated in an interview with MTV that the supply of flour is sufficient. He claimed whoever has an issue with their flour supply is at fault and not the ministry. He went further to assure that he is keen on providing wheat with subsidized prices.

He stated that 20 thousand tons of wheat are available and being used in bakeries as well as 4 loaded cargo ships of wheat.

In light of these statements, people have no choice but to watch and hope their bread supply will not be cut off, leaving the impoverished to suffer from hunger.