Lebanese Bakery In Australia Gave Away $100,000 Worth Of Food To The Homeless!

“One Way Lebanese Bakery” in Lalor, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, is owned by a generous, big-hearted Lebanese family. Chris Mansour, and his father Charbel Mansour, have been feeding Australians, including the homeless, delicious Lebanese baked goods.

At the end of every working day, a group of people with unfortunate circumstances lines up in this family business to get boxes full of food.

The owners have been very inviting, asking homeless people to come into their store and grab a bite whenever they feel hungry.

This has been the Mansours’ attitude since they first opened the bakery. Twelve years later, the One Way Lebanese Bakery has given away $100,00 worth of food for the local homeless, including Manakish (Pita), Tabbouleh, and other authentic Lebanese pastries.

The owners, along with the bakery’s staff, have a deep passion for helping the less fortunate and feel that it is their duty to do so. “We don’t just work to make money,” Chris Mansour stated to the Herald Sun, “We work to help people.”

The One Way Lebanese Bakery team set a humanitarian goal for themselves and for their business, and they are successfully fulfilling this goal by helping families get their daily bread. 

“It feels amazing when you see people in need, who might otherwise be going without food, happy because of what we have been doing,” they said.

This adorable, modern-looking Lebanese bakery serves mouthwatering food, and surely the Lebanese-Australians are grateful that it exists. The amount of good that the owners and staff are doing is limitless.

They are easing down the struggles of several vulnerable people, as well as giving the Lebanese in their city a warm taste of home.

Since they opened twelve years ago, they have been introducing other cultures to the amazing, delicious variety our Lebanese cuisine has to offer.

The place is getting positive reviews for its great service, fresh food, tidiness, and affordable prices. Not to mention the good vibes since so many people are going in desperate and leaving happy and grateful.

The good deeds of this Lebanese-Australian family are seriously admirable. We are proud of our people who carry a beautiful spirit at home as well as in the diaspora.

Compassion and sense of human community have always been strong points of the Lebanese character and culture; the amazing deeds of the Mansour’s family are a great reflection of that, and we can’t be prouder!

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