This Lebanese Bakery Is Introducing Man2oush To Texans

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From Tripoli, Lebanon, to Texas, this bakery promises to deliver authentic Lebanese taste with its wide selection of delicious items that make the spot literally feel like your local -modern- bakery.

Proud of its Lebanese identity, We’re-Dough Bakery in Houston, Texas offers a large menu of mouthwatering manoush, sajj, kayak, fakhar, foul w hummus, lahem b ajjin, falafel and also pizza, croissants, and more.

The owners stuck ever so true to their roots that they even offer “Lebanese Nescafe.” To those who don’t know, it’s Nescafe with sweet condensed milk; basically bound to give you a caffeine sugar rush in the morning.

“It all began over 20 years ago in Tripoli, the vibrant city famous for its distinctive dishes in Northern Lebanon. It was then that we opened our first Lebanese bakery,” the owners of the bakery state on their website.

“Our goal is to offer our guests the finest savory and sweet Lebanese pastries that take you back to Lebanon and remind you of your memories there, or let you experience the genuine Lebanese taste!”

They even play Lebanese music in their restaurant. Can it get more authentic?

YES! In fact, they want to guarantee genuine Lebanese taste that they actually import a lot of raw material they use via cargo or airplane from Lebanon!

The bakery has attracted crowds of all nationalities, not just Middle Eastern, because who doesn’t love dough? Top that off with the real Lebanese taste and it’s no surprise if Texans have never tried anything like it before.

Most recently, the bakery has been a part of coronavirus relief by providing food for medical workers and boosting their morale with tasty treats.

If you live in Houston or happen to be visiting it, make it a point to go enjoy the experience of their Lebanese tasty food. The bakery is located at 6437 Westheimer Rd. Houston, Texas.

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