Multiple Banks Raided In One Week By Depositors In Lebanon

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Amid the worsening and lengthening banking crisis in Lebanon, frustrations seemed to have reached an extreme level with some depositors, compelling them to take radical action: raiding the banks, armed, to demand their money.

This week alone, Lebanon witnessed a series of raids, more so with several in one day; today, Friday.

Here is a recap of the raids showcasing the extreme frustration Lebanese depositors have reached in the country, as some three years have passed with the state failing to solve the banking crisis.

Sally Hafez raided Blom Bank in Sodeco, Beirut, carrying a gun and demanding her money. Hafez’s sister is reportedly a cancer patient in need of her money to continue the treatment. She was given $13,000 out of the $20,000 deposit at the bank.

On the same day, Rami Sharaf El-Din broke into MED Bank in Aley. He received $30,000 “Fresh” before turning himself to the security forces.

Muhammad Korkmaz and another person, raided Byblos Bank in Ghazieh, South Lebanon. He was able to obtain the amount of $19,200, which is part of his deposit, before surrendering himself to the security forces.

Muhammad Al-Moussawi stormed bank Libano-Française on the Kafaat roundabout with a “plastic gun” and took his entire deposit, amounting to $20,000.-

Depositor Jawad Sleem raided the bank of Lebanon & Gulf (LGB) in Ramlet Al Bayda carrying a hunting rifle. After negotiations with the bank’s administration, it was agreed that $13,000 will be handed to Sleem from his deposit.

His brother told Aljadeed that Jawad will be handed $15,000 cash and a $35,000 bank check, and he has now exited the bank.

Abed Soubra raided Blom bank, Tariq Jdideh branch. He reportedly entered the bank armed and demanded the withdrawal of his deposit, which amounts to $170,000.

As of the time of writing, negotiations with Soubra have not been successful.

Informed sources told 961News that the depositor that raided the Bank MED branch in Chehime, Chouf is Karim Serhal, a former soldier who had left the Lebanese Army last year. Aljadeed reported that he requested Bank MED to transfer the sum of $180,000 to receive it in Turkey out of his family’s one million dollars deposit

It is worth mentioning that earlier, in August, Bassem Sheikh Hussein entered the Federal Bank of Lebanon in Hamra armed and held a number of employees and clients hostage. He was later released with a residency permit.

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