Lebanese Basketball Player Ali Haidar Shares Fun Iconic Clips From His Wedding


On July 26th, the famous Lebanese basketball player Ali Haidar celebrated his wedding after his phenomenal performance in the FIBA Asian Cup.

Unlike videos of other weddings, Haidar’s ones have sparked social media platforms because of the fun vibes and new ideas that the Lebanese basketball player and his wife brought to their invitees and fans.

Here is a video that will give you a glimpse of all the fun vibes:

Haidar’s friends shared on their Instagram stories the newly wedded couple’s spiced-up dance that took a swift change.

Ali Haidar and his wife, Nour Sabbah, shared a fun choreography to the tunes of trendy and classical songs where the couple mastered iconic dance moves and sparked up the dance floor.

Saad Ramadan also performed a song and congratulated the couple.

And, of course, to make his wedding as real and fun as ever, Haidar wore funny socks to satisfy his well-known obsession with collecting socks.

Haidar’s celebratory day was not only restricted to signing his marriage contract, but the basketball player, during his wedding, signed a contract with Beirut Club!