Lebanese Army Is Blocking Roads Leading To Southern Border


Following yesterday’s events at the southern border, the Lebanese Army is working to deescalate tensions and prevent any problems by implementing strict security measures.

According to state-run NNA, the Lebanese Army closed all roads leading to the Marjayoun area near where protests took place yesterday at the border.

The Lebanese army set up checkpoints to prevent convoys from Palestinian camps from reaching the border. This comes after Palestinian factions rallied refugee camp residents across Lebanon to protest at the border with Israel.

Yesterday, protesters attempted and some managed to cross the border fence. Israeli soldiers fired warning shots towards protestors. As a result, Lebanese protester and Hezbollah reserve soldier Mohammed Tahan died from his injuries.

Hezbollah confirmed Tahan was a member, but the party denied having given any orders to participate in the protest.

The night before, Palestinian factions launched 4 rockets from Lebanon towards Israel.