People In Lebanon Are Now Boycotting Eggs And Chicken As Commodity Prices Soar


A campaign on social media is calling on people in Lebanon to boycott eggs and chicken for a whole week starting Wednesday in order to exert pressure on local merchants.

On Tuesday, people were shocked by the dramatic increase in the price of eggs and chicken. A carton of eggs spiked to 40,000 LBP and a kilogram of chicken was selling between 30,000 LBP and 45,000 LBP.

According to Abbas Zahri, one of the organizers of the campaign, the aim of boycotting is to put pressure on merchants who are raising prices and taking advantage of the economic situation without having compassion for the struggling residents.

Eggs and chicken are two perishable commodities, and boycotting them for a week through the “Let it hatch” campaign will leave them to spoil, forcing merchants to think twice.

Responding to criticism about the campaign, Zahri said that this was a small step to make way for boycotting other products in order to reach a bigger goal in fighting injustice and corruption.

Eggs and chicken are not the only food products now exceeding the line of affordable prices. Lebanon’s Economy Ministry just raised the price of bread for the fourth time in less than a year.