14 Lebanese Brands Making a Wide Impact

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The entrepreneurial spirit of Lebanon has propelled a dozen local brands onto the international scene, showcasing the country’s innovative potential and cultural richness.

These brands span various industries, from fashion and beauty to accessories and food. Their success stories are not just about profit but also about representing Lebanese creativity and resilience globally.

Each brand, with its unique approach and quality products, has altered the global perception of Lebanon, turning it into a source of inspiration and a hub for emerging talents and trends. These Lebanese brands are not just making sales; they’re making statements.

1. Overworked Beirut

The brand OVERWORKED debuted on Monday, March 22, 2021, with a mission to bring sustainable fashion within reach for local consumers.

2. Hardcore

Created by a Lebanese designer who makes accessories and clothes using real and Simili leather.

3. The Concept

The Concept by Aleen Sabbagh soon extended beyond national borders.

4. Karen Wazen Eyewear

Karen Wazen is the creative mind behind this stunning eyewear collection.

5. Thinline World

Thin Line World was created in 2018 by Tatiana Salhab.

6. Samer Khouzami Cosmetics

Samer Khouzami’s makeup brand is making a global impact.

7. Aqui

Aquí stands as a paragon of enduring luxury, born from a Middle Eastern perspective that marries sleek design with precise partisanship.

8. Sarah’s Bag

This Lebanese social venture crafts exquisite, handmade fashion items that not only the women artisans behind them but also the individuals who don them.

9. Bil Arabi

Bil Arabi has rapidly become one of the most thrilling brands from the Middle East, expanding its reach to boundless frontiers.

10. THYM

By Rebecca Zaatar, a Beirut born and bred fashion designer.

11. Boshies

Boshies represents a contemporary Arabic apparel line that seeks to capture the region’s rich diversity and vibrant essence.

12. Bildits

Bildits is a childhood dream come true for 3 Lebanese entrepreneurs.

13. TAQA

TAQA is a Lebanese bakery specializing in the creation of wholesome and natural snacks.

14. Sabouneh Mn Beirut

Sabouneh Mn Beirut offers authentic organic soap infused with essential oils that evoke the aromatic essence of Lebanese heritage.

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