These 10 Lebanese Breakfasts Will Turn You Into A Morning Person

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Lebanese food is one of the country’s many enjoyable cultural trademarks, particularly Lebanese breakfasts! You’ll definitely be looking forward to the mornings when you know you’ll be having any of these items.

#1 Labneh

Labneh is a perfect way to start your day! Light, fluffy, creamy labneh can be served with olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, and even makdous (see #8). Labneh is truly the queen of the Lebanese breakfast table.

#2 Man2oush

A most loved Lebanese breakfast and a childhood favorite of all, man2oush is actually loved and enjoyed by people of all ages (and all around the world)!

Typically famous for its zaa3tar (thyme) option, the man2oush is also made with cheese, labneh, butter and sugar, and many other flavors.

#3 Eggs

Eggs are on the breakfast menu worldwide, so you can bet to find it on any Lebanese breakfast table! It can be boiled, poached, scrambled, with meat, or tomatoes, and literally any way you want it!

#4 Foul w Hummus

Foul w hummus is a traditional Lebanese breakfast that is very fulfilling and usually enjoyed on the weekends for brunch.

#5 Fatteh

Fatteh is a universally loved Lebanese breakfast. When having foul w hummus in the morning, you’ll bet fatteh will be included in the lineup!

#6 Kaak with cheese

Cheese goodness sandwiched inside the traditional sesame coated kaak is a staple in any Lebanese breakfast menu! If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing a lot!

#7 Lahem b 3ajin

When zaatar and jebneh are not enough, some people prefer to have the cousin of the man2oush, lahm b 3ajin. A much loved Lebanese breakfast, these meat pizzas are also sought at any time of the day (and night).

They are perfect with a squeeze of lemon or pomegranate molasses aka dibs rimmen.

The Lahem b-3jeen has a different version in Tripoli, a traditional (super delicious) recipe of the north made with a light dough, filo-type.

#8 Makdous

Makdous can be found on only the most traditional Lebanese breakfast spreads! A perfect pair to labneh, makdous is baby eggplants stuff with walnuts, garlic, and chili pepper, pickled in olive oil.

#9 Cheese

Cheese is a huge part of the Lebanese breakfast menu. In fact, breakfast just wouldn’t be complete without jebneh!

#10 Kaak b-Knafeh

For the days you wake up craving something sweet, Kaak b-Knafeh is a socially acceptable and (very) legit Lebanese breakfast!

In reverse, if you know you’ll be having warm Kaak b-Knafeh for breakfast, you are prone to wake up way earlier than usual. You would be just dreaming about it all night!

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