These 10 Lebanese Brides Wore Elie Saab’s Designs on Their Wedding Day

Elie Saab has always been a notable figure in our society. He embodies all that is class and beauty through his creative designs.

He has dressed some of the biggest names in the world, such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Rihanna, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Queen Rania of Jordan, Priyanka Chopra, and many more.

Elie Saab’s name has been so prominent that, when it comes to a bride’s special day, it is deemed a high prestige to be dressed up in one of his most breathtaking wedding gowns.

Let’s take a look at 10 Lebanese Brides who had that privilege: 

#1 Sabrina Saleh

Exquisite and rich without being pompous, this bridal gown of tulle contrasting with refined embroidery is simply stunning. 

#2 Sara Sayed

A dazzling queenly appearance of the bride, sumptuous in an ivory dress with white glittering embellishments. Even the bride seemed mesmerized by it in this photo. Who could blame her? The dress is simply marvelous!

#3 Kika Mourad

The bride of Elie Saab Jr. made the news locally and internationally, as we recently shared with you. When it came to the wedding gown of his soon-to-be daughter-in-law, we couldn’t but expect the best from the magnificent Elie Saab, and he delivered, even beyond all expectations.

A luxurious wedding gown that took the breath away of the guests as well as the fashion news internationally. The wedding of Elie Saab’s son was not short of a Lebanese Royal Wedding!

#4 Maya Rabbat

Maya beams as she walks down in her gorgeous Elie Saab wedding gown of two tones and delicate embroidery of floral arrangements. You got to agree, this dress is magnificent!

#5 Rasha Ahmad

This is literally what wedding dreams are made of. Talk about sparkle dreams of luxury and sumptuosity! Elie Saab outdid himself once again with this bridal gown.

#6 Aya Jammal

This beautiful dream gown looks like it came out of a medieval romance. If anyone could ever manage to wear a bride in flowers, Elie Saab is the man. A pure fancy beauty of a wedding gown! 

#7 Lana El Sahely

Marrying different era styles in one dress is a master twist Elie Saab succeeded superbly with this gown shining like a sparkling diamond. Another bride made a princess of her special day by Elie Saab’s creativity!

#8 Yara Khoury Mikhael

This dress is fit for a queen, literally. Miss Lebanon 2011 here opted for this beautiful Elie Saab’s bridal gown that is absolutely dreamy with its detailed intricate embroidery.

#9 Yasmine Cheikh Dib

An impressive wedding dress fit for a queen of a fairy tale; a royal golden dress accentuated further with golden sparkling embroidery and appliques.  You got to agree here, the bride does look like a golden queen; a very happy one.

#10 Reem Achour

A personal favorite of mine, this sumptuous wedding dress dared to shine in peacock colors. Truly unique, a rule-breaker. Never be afraid to be different!

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