Lebanese Burger Place Makes A Tinder Profile & It’s Pretty Freaking Clever

Burger Experiment | TechCrunch

Whether you’ve used it or not, you’ve probably heard of the dating app called Tinder. You know, the one where you “swipe right” when you’re interested and “swipe left” if you’re not.

It’s a great app to match you up with people who reciprocate your interest. But it’s beyond anyone’s knowledge why a burger place would have a Tinder profile!

Well, that didn’t stop this Lebanese burger place in Saida for creating one, and it caught people’s attention:

According to Burger Experiment, “Some people are looking for love, and some are just hungry.” Perhaps a date with a mouthwatering burger is all you need?

“Great product placement, after hours of swiping left and right you get hungry,” said Georges Azzi, replying to the tweet.

“Burgers are sexy,” tweeted another user.

The hilarious replies continue, with some maybe NSFW. But mainly, people in the thread are applauding Burger Experiment’s clever marketing.

The961 reached out to Burger Experiment for comments and to see if they got any “matches.”

Unfortunately, they removed the profile before they could match with anyone. But after seeing the nice feedback from people on Facebook and Twitter, it seems the burger shop is planning to ride the wave!

“We’re probably gonna go back to tinder with a funny approach,” they said. “We’ll definitely be back to match, but this time we’ll make it spicier.”

We can’t wait for what they will come up with this time!

At the moment, they’re considering how to make it engaging for Tinder users with challenges and what-not so that matches will win free meals they excitedly told us.

So the takeaway from all this, swipe right when you see a scrumptious burger!

Burger Experiment is one of the top-rated restaurants in South Lebanon according to public reviews.