Lebanese Burger Restaurant In Brazil Transforms Lebanese Dishes Into Burgers!

Last June, a Brazilian man of Lebanese descent named Tarik Bechara Leal opened a Lebanese burger restaurant in São Paolo. When we think of burgers, we usually think of Angus beef, probably because we are always trying to

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of beef. We also think of, cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, or bacon. However, this Lebanese restaurateur had something else in mind!

Not your typical burgers

The burgers at Souk Burger contain authentic Lebanese dishes! A typical burger at this restaurant may contain kibbeh, tahini, or babaghanouj! Burger joints are very trendy in São Paolo. So, in order to be unique, Tarik got inspired by the Lebanese recipes of his aunt to create a new concept! He wanted to put Lebanese dishes between burger buns! Before opening his restaurant, Tarik had no experience in cooking. So he took cooking classes at the National Service for Commercial Education to master the culinary arts. These are some of the burgers and their ingredients: – Souk Burger: kibbeh, tabbouleh, caramelized onions, cheese, and tahini. – Babaganoo: babaghanouj, tomatoes, crispy leeks, goat cheese cream, and lettuce all in an Australian bun. However, the menu does not only include Lebanese burgers. One can also find classic burgers, salads, dishes, and desserts. In addition to that, all the drinks at Souk Burger contain Arak. The all-time-favorite Angus Burger is made of Angus beef, onion rings, pickles, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise. It looks super tasty! Souk Burger is also vegetarian-friendly since it also offers mushroom burgers! The good thing about this restaurant is that it combines creativity with health. The Lebanese cuisine is known for being very healthy since it contains all the nutrients that we need to consume every day. In fact, QSR magazine placed

Lebanese food among the six healthiest ethnic cuisines

. By giving authentic Lebanese dishes a fresh look, Tarik Bechara is attracting a lot of Lebanese people to his restaurant and also non-Lebanese people who want to try something new and please their taste buds!


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