Here’s A Breakdown Of The Authentic Lebanese Burger


Every country has its own take on burgers. Mexican burgers typically kick up the spice and some people enjoy adding creamy avocados.

In New Zealand, burgers are often enjoyed with thin slices of beetroot and, in Australia, one might add grilled pineapples and eggs to their burgers.

Other counties opt for different meat for their patties, such as lamb, pork, fish, and even reindeer – like in Finland!

In Lebanon, we too have our own unique take on burgers.

So here’s a breakdown of the ingredients you’ll find between two toasted buns of a Lebanese burger:

  • loads of coleslaw
  • a generous amount of fries
  • caramelized onions
  • tomato (sometimes sautéed)
  • a well-seasoned meat patty
  • a mix of ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard

You also have the option of playing up the Lebanese burger by adding a slice of American cheese.

Note: the order in which these ingredients are stacked together differs from place to place. However, it’s the coleslaw and fries that really make the Lebanese burger stand out among others. The malfouf, after all, has its series of recipes in Lebanese cuisine.

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