Lebanese Cabinet Just Approved The Demolition Of The Beirut Port Silos


On Thursday, the Lebanese cabinet approved the demolition of the wheat silos at the Beirut port, which is one of the main remnants of the Beirut port explosion.

According to Lebanon’s Information Minister, Ziad Makari, a technical report said that the grain silos were likely to collapse in the upcoming months, adding that it was too expensive to repair them.

However, the minister did not specify a specific date for the demolition.

The families of the victims of the Beirut blast rejected this move and protested against its demolition, saying that by destructing the silos, the politicians would be also hiding the truth of what happened.

Consequently, the Beirut blast probe is now halted as some Lebanese political figures are obstructing the judicial process, as prominent Lebanese politicians are the main suspects.

On August 4, 2020, Lebanon witnessed the biggest non-nuclear explosion in history.

The blast resulted in more than 230 victims and 6,000 injured, and left around 300,000 people without homes.

The wheat silos are said to have absorbed a significant amount from the explosion, protecting the western side of Beirut.

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