Lebanese Cabinet Just Approved New Plan To Provide 24/24 Electricity

Newly appointed Minister of Energy and Water, Mrs. Nada Bustani, has succeeded in overcoming all difficulties, making the electricity sector plan’s become reality. In that, she is about to manifest the longtime dream of all Lebanese residents for 24/7 electricity; a matter that became a luxury across the country since the civil war.


Via Annahar

This new electricity plan is set to reform Lebanon’s electricity sector and provide the entire country with 24-hour electricity. It has been approved by the Lebanese Cabinet in a positive session held this Monday, at Baabda Palace, under the chairmanship of President Michel Aoun.


Heading the cabinet session, President Michel Aoun informed the ministers “to study and approve the plan because people are waiting,” according to a tweet from the presidency’s account.

Via Lebanese-forces

From his side, Prime Minister Saad Hariri told reporters after the cabinet session, “We inform the Lebanese that we have approved the plan with a positive atmosphere. This plan is an achievement for all political parties.” 


He congratulated  Energy Minister Nada Boustani for working hard on this plan for the past few weeks, describing the moment as an achievement.

Hariri also promised that this plan will eventually provide 24/24 electricity and that all international institutions will realize that Lebanon is taking positive steps to improve this area.


Right after the Cabinet approved her plan, Minister Nada Bustani tweeted that “the electricity sector plan has become a reality. Let’s work together for its success.”

Via The Daily Star

Mrs. Bustani also expressed her hope to the reporters that this plan will achieve its two main goals in both improving electricity services for Lebanese citizens and ending the electricity deficit.


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