Lebanese Cabinet Just Announced Exceptional Session To Look Into Boat Tragedy


The capsized boat incident seems to have either left a rare humanitarian compunction on the Lebanese authorities or instigated foreign pressure on the brittle cabinet to pursue the formal investigation and deduce official indictments for the catastrophic incident.

PM Najib Mikati’s frangible and enervated yet tenacious cabinet announced on Monday that a special session for the cabinet will be held on Tuesday, April 26th.

The main impetus for the special meeting is to formally look into the cataclysmic mishap that has befallen Lebanon when an illegal smuggling boat carrying migrants capsized off of the shore of Tripoli, North of Lebanon.

More than 6 bodies were found, including the body of an infant girl.

Tuesday’s meeting will take place at 11:30 AM at the Presidential Palace. The meeting will also discuss the retrogressing security in the country and other related topics.

The situation has avalanched in Tripoli, since the tragedy, where mutual accusations and multiple skirmishes between relatives of the victims and the Lebanese Army simmered.


Confrontations began when one of the rescued migrants accused the Lebanese Army of wittingly crashing into the smuggling boat and intentionally capsizing it. The crowd, hearing the man, busted into flaming throngs and spiking riots.

Another member of the sunk vessel, on the other hand, has assured that the illegal and unprepared boat has first crashed into the Lebanese Navy’s ship after the crew lost control in the middle of the scene.

Tripoli, enfeebled by sorrow and grief, yet underpinned by anguish and desperate calls for justice, seems irreparable without a thorough and transparent investigation of the catastrophe.

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