Lebanese Cabinet Will Clear Unused Telecom Post Offices

In a positive response to the proposal of the Ministry of Telecommunications, Mohammed Choucair, the Lebanese Cabinet has approved the evacuation of all unused post office properties that are rented across the country by the Directorate General of Post.



The decision of the Cabinet to evacuate these offices was taken during discussions of a draft budget that aims to increase revenues and lower expenditure in order to significantly reduce the budget deficit-to-GDP ratio.

The GDP ratio is the Gross Domestic Product which is a broad measurement of a nation’s overall economic activity.


Via Telecome Review

The statement said that: “Minister Choucair stressed on the need to find a radical solution to these offices, which have not been used for years to ease the financial burden on the administration and stop wasting public money.

Adding that Choucair’s decision “was made in an effort to stop the waste of public funds and increase the productivity of the Ministry of Telecommunications. He also stressed that this endeavor will continue to any source of waste in the Ministry of Telecommunications.”


In this regard, minister Choucair who attended the Cabinet session – to discuss the state budget was criticized by MP Paula Yacoubian on twitter.

In her tweet, Yacoubian criticized Choucair for not attending a meeting of the Media and Communications parliamentary committee that was scheduled for 9 a.m. She also accused the ministry of unnecessary spending.


However, Choucair justified his absence by tweeting that he had instead attended a Cabinet session to discuss the state budget.

He also stressed that he is “ready to discuss anything related to the Telecoms Ministry and he is committed to a plan to reduce expenses and increase revenues…”


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