Lebanese Calligrapher Is The First Person To Pen The Quran In The Complex Diwani Font!

Mahmoud Baayoun realized an achievement after penning 800 pages (front only) of the Quran in the Diwani font. This font is so complex that it cannot be computerized like the rest of the fonts which are








, and


. The reason is that the Diwani font goes above, on, and below the horizontal line. Also, each letter can be written in 6-7 ways. Its complexity makes its use very rare. This is not the first time that Baayoun pens the Quran. He had previously penned it 4 times but he used simpler fonts. In fact, the Quran is written in the Naskhi font because it makes the reading and the writing process easier. The 80-year-old calligrapher worked hard for 2 years in a row. He claims that this work was the biggest challenge in his career. To note, Baayoun is the official calligrapher of the Lebanese Prime Minister. He is in charge of writing letters and invitations. Speaking about his work in the future, he said that if does not find a way to publish it, then he will pass it down to his children. People claim that Arabic calligraphy is not used as much as it was before. However, Baayoun believes that this art is not for everyday use; it should be appreciated for its beauty. Here is his interview with Masr Alarabia:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chN_mCu0ynI?ecver=1]

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