Lebanese-Canadian Man Actually Bought A Tank For The Lebanese Army!

A video of a Lebanese-Canadian man has gone viral on social media. In this video, the man claims that he bought a tank and will ship it to Lebanon to support the Lebanese army. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCbbWbvHqaI He mentions that the ones who really want to support the Lebanese soldiers should buy tanks for the army. The Canadian government does have an auction where they sell anything and everything they don’t need or that they seized. You can find anywhere from old police cars to computers and even exotic sports cars. The police cars are stripped from any labels and equipment before auctioned off. We’re not exactly sure if they were able to auction off an unused tank so we can validate the claim. If they did, however, it would be stripped of his ability to fire. Want to support the Lebanese army but can’t buy them a tank? You still can!

Show Your Support For Our Lebanese Soldiers This Army Day!

For this Army Day, which falls on August 1


, we want to make a video as a tribute to the Lebanese soldiers. We want people to submit a video saying something in support of our beloved army that is fighting for our country. For more information, click 



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