Lebanese Canadian Coalition Visiting Beirut To Supervise Donations Coming From Canada

In response to the explosion, Lebanese-Canadian business leaders formed a new organization to aid the victims and help save .

In Toronto, co-founder of the Lebanese Canadian Coalition (LCC), Mohammad Fakih announced the new NGO’s dedication to helping the people back home.

“The people of are resilient and will emerge from this tragedy together with the help of our international family.”

Mohammad Fakih

We know the compassion of Canadians runs deep for our friends and are asking for donations large or small to help those impacted.

Mohammad Fakih in the press release

A week later, the LCC partnered with the Humanitarian Coalition and the Canadian Red Cross and raised $4 Million to the Lebanese.

Not only that, but the Canadian government matched that with at least $8 Million as they promised to double each donation sent to .

In order to ensure that the LCC’s aids will be properly allocated to the NGOs working not the grounds, Fakih is arriving in on August 14th.

His visit is planned until August 22nd, during which he will be also visiting various NGOs.

Among them the International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF), a Canadian registered charitable organization, the Islamic Relief, the World Central Kitchen, the , and others.

Mohammad Fakih stated that, on his trip to , he hopes “to raise awareness regarding the ongoing struggle for those affected by the explosion in and to encourage others around the world to help out during this time of need.”

As he stated, he also wants “to ensure that Canadian donations are getting to those who need it most.”

Fakih, on behalf of the LCC, will make sure that the donations will provide medical care, food, and shelter to those affected by the explosion and will coordinate with the mentioned agencies.

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