Lebanese Business Leaders In Canada Are Raising $2.5 Million For Lebanon

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In response to the tragic events of August 4th, Lebanese-Canadian business leaders decided to form a new organization to aid victims of the Beirut Explosion.

Canada is home to many Lebanese diaspora and an estimated 250,000 Lebanese descendants in Montreal alone. They are all heartbroken over their homeland and want to find effective ways to help.

For that reason, Mohammad Fakih, Rola Dagher, and Charles Khabbouth, along with many Lebanese-Canadian business leaders, formed a coalition so that Canadians can donate to the Lebanese in need.

The Lebanese Canadian Coalition (LCC)’s only aim is to help those severely affected in the aftermath of the explosion. It is aiming to raise at least $2.5 Million ($1.87 Million USD) to help the victims of the explosion.

Mohammad Fakih, head of LCC and the founder and CEO of Paramount Fine Foods, announced the formation of the foundation in a press release in Toronto.

“This resilient city and its people have overcome so much but this blow has left them reeling,” he said.

“We know the compassion of Canadians runs deep for our friends and are asking for donations large or small to help those impacted.”

“The physical and mental devastation caused by the explosion will be vast and long-lasting,” added Rola Dagher, President of Cisco Canada and member of LCC.

“We know the Lebanese people are survivors and they’re resourceful. This much-needed support from the international community will help rebuild a stronger and more resilient Beirut.”

It is safe to say the organization does not trust the Lebanese government with the donations, like many countries and individual donors.

The funds will be raised for the Canadian Humanitarian Coalition.

Moreover, the new coalition of these Lebanese business leaders in Canada made a public call to the Canadian government to match their donation, which target is $2.5 million.

The Canadian Federal Government prompted to respond with the quick launching of the “Lebanon Matching Fund” formed by several NGOs.

It has also called on the Canadians, through the International Development Minister Karina Gould, to donate “to help save lives and meet the urgent needs of the affected population” of Lebanon.

For perspective only, a data illustrator in Canada created a map to show what the impact zone of an explosion of the size of Beirut port’s one would look like if it had happened in Toronto Harbourfront.

“It would likely destroy a majority of Centre Island, the Financial District, the Entertainment District, and Yorkville, causing hundreds of death and injuries along the way.”

The Canadians are indeed horrified by what happened in Beirut, expressing their typical-Canadian empathy.

In fact, Canada did not fall short on aiding Lebanon, honoring over 100 years of friendship between both countries.

They have sent $5 Million in Humanitarian Aid and support to the Lebanese Red Cross, and lit up the CN tower with the Lebanese flag for moral support.

That’s adding to one of Canada’s top telecom companies canceling international call fees for the Lebanese so they can easily communicate with their families back home.

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