Lebanese-Canadian Professor Will Stand Trial Over 1980 Paris Synagogue Attack


67-year-old Lebanese-Canadian Hassan Diab is accused of blowing up a synagogue in Paris on October 3rd, 1980 in an attack that killed four people and injured 46. 

Diab, a former University of Ottawa sociology professor was extradited to France from Canada in 2014. In 2018, he was released due to a lack of convincing evidence against him.

People who knew him were absolutely shocked by the allegations against him saying Diab didn’t come off as someone who was capable of such acts.

Maintaining his innocence, Diab filed a lawsuit against Canada for unjust extradition demanding around $90 million in reparations for himself and his family.

Just after everyone thought it was over, a French court has ordered Diab to stand trial over the bombing that happened over 40 years ago.

According to AFP, Diab’s legal team in France said the ruling is “crazy” and “motivated purely by a ‘politically correct’ drive to have a trial at all costs.”

Diab continuously denied that he was ever involved in the attack and said that he was in Beirut taking exams at the time.

Alex Neve, the former secretary-general at Amnesty International Canada, called on the Canadian government to pressure France to drop the charges against Diab calling them “unfounded”.

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