Lebanese in Canada Are Supporting First Responders With Meals From Lebanese-Owned Restaurants

Lebanese Chamber of Commerce Nova Scotia

“Given the increasing number of cases in Canada, the risk to Canadians is considered high,” states the Federal Government of Canada on its website dedicated to keeping the citizens informed on the COVID-19 development in their country.

The total number of recorded cases in Canada, as of May 2nd, is 55,572, including 23,316 recoveries and 3,446 deaths, with the provinces of Quebec and Ontario being the most affected.

Canada Public Health – May 02, 2020

The Lebanese in Canada are a force to be reckoned with, especially in Nova Scotia where they’ve been allocating their support by helping the health workers. As of today, the province has confirmed 959 coronavirus cases.

In their latest initiative, they have been providing meals for first responders through a campaign titled “Project Support Nova Scotia.”

Headed by the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce (LCC) in Nova Scotia, the project has been assisting in keeping police officers, firefighters, and other first responders energized with delicious food from local Lebanese-owned restaurants.

The961 reached out to the President of the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, Norman Nahas, who is leading the project.

Mr. Nahas shared with us that the LCC had to cancel its annual Cedar & Maple Gala, one of the biggest business events in Atlantic Canada, scheduled for May 14th.

“But there was a silver lining,” said Mr. Nahas. There was, indeed. The banks sponsoring the event donated the funds to the LCC.

“Upon the cancelation, Scotiabank, TD, and BMO donated their sponsorships back to the Lebanese Chamber,” he explained.

That has allowed the LCC to allocate the funds to their project towards the coronavirus relief.

According to what Mr. Nahas shared with us, the Board of Directors of LCC voted to used the funds to purchase meals from local Lebanese-owned restaurants to help feed frontline workers dealing with COVID-19.

So far, 450 meals have been served from 27 local Lebanese owned restaurants. All of them were delivered to frontline workers, including first responders, emergency departments, coronavirus assessment units, lab techs, support staff, and many more.

The project didn’t go unnoticed. It motivated other groups to join in with financial help.

“We have recently been approached by additional groups looking to help fund this initiative,” Mr. Nahas stated, “so we are proud to announce that by the end of this week we will have served over 1,000 meals from over 50 Lebanese owned restaurants.”

Not only is this initiative helping frontline workers but it also aids the Lebanese-owned restaurants during this phase of quarantine and helps them feel helpful during these tough and uncertain times.

“It is has been incredible to hear the stories and appreciation shown from this initiative,” Mr. Nahas shared with us. “It is wonderful to also showcase so many of our Lebanese owned businesses throughout the province.”

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