Lebanese chef in France received a Michelin star!

A Lebanese chef named Alan Geaam was homeless when he arrived in Paris. Now he is a Michelin star recipient! Alan Geaam was born in Liberia to Lebanese parents. When the war started, they moved back to Lebanon where the civil war began. He moved to Paris twenty years ago where he spent countless nights sleeping in a park. He was a construction worker during the day, and a dishwasher in a restaurant and a delivery man at night. While washing the dishes, the chef injured himself with a knife and was rushed to the hospital. Alan took over, and the customers were delighted. He had a background in cooking since he worked as a cook while serving in the military and he was the personal chef of a Lebanese colonel.

Now, Alan is running his restaurant which is called Alan Geaam. Although he mainly serves French food, the chef also includes a Lebanese touch to his delicacies by adding pomegranate molasses. He never thought that a person who did not attend a culinary school or was not trained by a professional chef could receive a Michelin star!

Alan’s restaurant was booked for three weeks as soon as he received the star! Congratulations!

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