Lebanese Children Are Using Their Artistic Talents To Support Beirut

sawa4beirut l STEFANIE GLINSKI

The Beirut explosion affected everyone in the country, physically and/or emotionally.

People are still traumatized… more so, they are still mourning. Among those who were deeply heartbroken after the blast are the children of Lebanon.

These innocent and pure souls had to witness a horrible disaster. It was scary and saddening. Unfortunately, Lebanese citizens have to learn resilience and perseverance from a really young age.

Despite everything, a group of young artists in Lebanon is rising to the challenge to aid their city, Beirut, and its people.

These dainty and brave kids are using their talents to help Beirut with a fundraising exhibition.

This exhibition will take place on Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th of September at Beit Beirut, Sodeco.

The event is organized by Aurore Ezzedine, a Beirut-based jewelry designer, and Lama Alamah to support Sawa4Beirut (Together For Beirut), an organization that is helping small businesses affected by the Beirut blast to get back on their feet.

These kids are expressing themselves through their paintings and drawings, and they are putting these works of art to good use. Their objective is clear: they want to aid their country during these tough times.

Like the Children of Lebanon who sang for Beirut recently, these young artists are an inspiration, and their hope for a better future is contagious.

One look at this new generation of Lebanese will show you that a better future is coming indeed!