This Lebanese Guy Climbed His Girlfriend’s Balcony to Propose to Her (Video)

Is there a more romantic gesture than risking one’s life for the sake of love? When these trying times call for social distancing and isolation, people in love can’t help themselves.

A viral video of a man’s creative pandemic-themed proposal is making its rounds on social media and even the mothers and grandmothers are swooning.

Mhammad Samad had scheduled to propose to his girlfriend Jinane Merhabi on her birthday, only to have the whole pandemic shatter his plan in pieces.

While many others would take this opportunity to postpone and regroup, Mhammad didn’t let anything stand between him and his plans (and his sweetheart).

So, on April 4th, he basically geared up in hazmat suit and protective mask and gloves and took a crane ride onto Jinane’s balcony, on Azmi Street in Tripoli. His friend came along, also in Hazmat suit, and carrying a disinfectant backpack sprayer. (Why the sprayer? Unclear).

As if that were not crazy and surprising enough, Mhammad jumped into the balcony, took off his Hazmat, bent down on one knee, and popped the question. Watch the reaction:

“Ever since the beginning, I nicknamed him on my phone ‘Majnoun’ (Crazy),” Jinane said to The961, “So it’s not the first time he does crazy things.”

“But a proposal was the last thing I was expecting from Mhammad! Especially during corona-time.”

Apparently, Mhammad told her to get ready because he’s taking her “up to a view” for her birthday. He coordinated with her entire family and all her friends to make this idea work.

“My dad told me that cleaners were going to disinfect the streets so we had to close the doors and not go outside on the balcony,” Jinane said. Little did she know her father was also in on the plans.

So when her family and friends motioned her towards the balcony, she never imagined seeing a crane carrying her beloved.

“I’m still so shocked that this even happened!”

The world deserves more good news during the quarantine. You can watch their professional engagement video:

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