Lebanese Climbers Climbed The Highest Mountain In Europe To Give Hope To Kids With Cancer!

Sometimes, all we need is for people to give us hope so that we can get through the hardships in our lives. There are many kids in Lebanon that are fighting against cancer. Even though coping with the treatment is hard, especially for kids, small acts of kindness can really boost their confidence and help them gain hope in life. This year, the LAU Survival Team at the Lebanese American University (LAU) decided to motivate children with cancer in their own way. This group of climbers went on a hike on the highest peak in Europe, Mount Elbrus in Russia, which is 5,642 meters above sea level. The expedition is called “Elbrus 2017”. Its motto is “Never Give Up”. The goal of this initiative is to show to these kids that the climb is hard but not impossible. Before leaving for the long trip, the team visited the kids at the hospital. They had a chance to meet, to exchange conversations, and to take pictures.


Each team member was responsible for a number of children. So they regularly sent video updates of their climb to these kids’ guardians. A lot of these videos are inspirational and motivational not only to these kids but for all the people that are fighting a hard battle. Here’s what one of the team members had to say to Yasmina.


This initiative is important on so many levels. First, it gives hope to these children and hope is what keeps people fighting their battles. Also, these fun interactions with the climbers are making the kids happy which is a major factor that helps them to heal faster. Kudos to the LAU Survival Team and may their projects always leave a positive impact on these children’s lives!

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